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The Cold Weather is Going to Stick Around

Although January is almost over, the Cincinnati area is still dealing with cold temperatures. The forecast isn’t promising a warm-up any time soon, so if you’re struggling with an inefficient furnace, Perfect Air is here to help. With our HVAC service in Hamilton, OH, we can expertly repair your heating system, no matter if it’s a gas furnace or a boiler. If certain rooms in your home aren’t getting enough air circulation, we’ll check for malfunctions or faulty components in your furnace.

Some people opt to replace their furnace filter before the heating season begins, but it can be a good idea to change it again. If you’ve noticed a strange odor coming from your furnace or duct work, a new filter can help remedy that. There could also be debris or dirt in your ducts, and we can help improve your indoor air quality as well. If your heating system is outdated and you’ve found that paying for heat during the winter is just getting too expensive, we can install a new, more energy-efficient furnace in your home.

If you’ve had one HVAC service in Hamilton, OH look at your furnace or boiler, but want a second opinion, we can provide you with a free estimate that helps you make a better decision regarding your heating system. With the temps staying low for the foreseeable future, it’s important that your home is adequately heated. Call Perfect Air at 513-715-4142 today and we’ll be there to provide you with excellent service.

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