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Our Furnace Inspection Will Keep Your House Warm This Season

Chilly evenings and nights are fairly normal for October and November and at Perfect Air, we don’t want anyone to feel cold this fall. If you’ve come home to a cold house, but your thermostat is set on the proper temperature, it might be time have your furnace or boiler inspected. Our HVAC service in Hamilton, OH is designed to keep you and your house warm this season, no matter how many square feet you have to heat.

The size of your home plays a big part in the efficiency of your heating system. If you’ve added on to your home or remodeled certain rooms to gain an open floor plan, but didn’t upgrade your furnace, it could be hard for your heating system to keep up. Perfect Air can install a new furnace that’s the proper size for your home, but even though it’s larger, will run more efficiently. It’s also important to set you thermostat at a certain temperature while you’re gone for the day, and have your furnace turn on at an appropriate time. With automatic and programmable thermostats, it’s a cinch to keep your house at a comfortable temperature all day long.

Keeping your furnace in tip-top shape is our specialty, so when you need HVAC service in Hamilton, OH, call on Perfect Air. We’re always honest and straightforward, so if something needs to be replaced, we’ll tell you about it right away. If it’s just a minor repair, we’ll make it quickly and be on our way. We look forward to helping you!

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